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  • mazoomy posted 1 day ago


    Cleverley will do, not die! I BELIEVE in him!

  • mazoomy posted 2 days ago


    Nice, I wasn't sure about his return date. Good to know it's Monday. This transfer is actually starting to take on an air of inevitability for me, which is probably bad. None of our potential transfers that looked inevitable really worked out lol.

    Against Roma I'd want to see this in the first half:

    Keane Smalling Evans
    Valencia Jones Herrera Shaw
    Hernandez Welbeck/Young

    I think Chicharito needs some time to show off what he can do. I'd want him paired with Welbeck or Young to give him more of a Robben to his RvP style of play, which would make our forward duo more dynamic. If Young can continue his hot streak then I would go with him to keep the fire burning, but otherwise Welbeck should be the obvious choice.

    In midfield I want to see Jones once because if we fail to sign a true DM we will probably need to call upon him there a few times. I'd give Keane more experience because he looks ready to make his mark on the first team, and I want Valencia to be given more opportunities to adjust to RWB.

    In the second half I want to see something like this:

    Rafael Smalling Evans James
    Herrera Fletcher
    Lingard Rooney Zaha

    It's a switch to 4-3-3 to better accommodate Kagawa, Zaha and Lingard. Rafael takes over at RB because he's much more suited to it, and James has earned himself another shot after his brace. Smalling and Evans stay on because they represent, to me at least, our best CB pairing and we need them to develop a better understanding with each other.

    Fletcher comes into the midfield to replace Jones because we'd need a more well-rounded CM without the protection of 3 CBs behind them. Plus, he's looking good, fit and healthy and if that's all true then we should be able to rely on him quite a bit this upcoming season, so it makes sense to get him fully match ready as soon as possible.

    Kagawa gets his chance to play in the hole because he deserves his shot there. Rooney plays in the second half to give the youngsters more of a leader-figure up front with them, to both guide them and help keep them calm. Lingard and Zaha get their shot to impress up front because everyone deserves a turn.

    I had just gone over this with someone else so I pretty much had it all ready lol.

  • mazoomy posted 2 days ago


    Yeah I found that out just before I saw your comment. F***ing tabloids always taking quotes out of context. Anyway, the dream remains alive!

    What lineup do you want to see tomorrow against Roma?

  • mazoomy posted 3 days ago


    He will do so consistently of course, I have full faith!

    On a more serious note though, I do think he will at least do better in this role. It suits his game more IMO and I think he can be a decent enough player to have around. I doubt he'll maintain that performance level, but he should still be able to chip in with about 6-8 goals at the end of the season if he does play up front, which will be a decent enough return for a squad player. I like that this role makes use of his clever runs though, which is something I feel he wasn't given enough of a platform to show off in.

    Now that Vidal has ruled out signing for us, what do you think plan B should be after seeing the Galaxy game? I don't think we can stick with who we have, unless LvG somehow turns Fellaini into a super-DM. It's LvG though, so you never know lol.

  • mazoomy posted 4 days ago


    2 words: Ashley Young!

    Fantastic performance from the team throughout. Galaxy were poor, no 2 ways about it, but the team looked excellent.

    Loved the role LvG had for Young. It's exactly what I've been calling for. He was adventurous and played centrally, and his best form started to show. Phenomenal performance, best player in the second half after Herrera. 1 assist, 1 sort-of assist, and 2 goals. Excellent runs throughout and some cool finishing. Terrific performance, and I hope he keeps this up all season long.

    Nani looked better than he really was by contrast. He made some good passes, and made a couple good runs, but really had nothing to show for it. Still, the forward role does seem to be a good fit for him.

    Kagawa looked good, but he was used in a deeper role than I thought he'd be used in. I thought he'd be used more as a forward, and didn't really impress until he got more into an attacking midfield role. Still a largely positive performance.

    Clevs looked decent too. His role was more 6 than the 8 I would have liked to see him in, which may be down to player availability. He looked more confident and had good energy, and it was a decent start to the preseason for him.

    Reece James was very opportunistic on the left hand side. He wasn't too great outside of his goals, but showed a real predatory instinct and good finishing to get his brace. We may just have our Shaw deputy right here.

    The back 3 had it's shaky moments but looked good for the most part. Keane looks like he's ready to make the step up, and Fletcher was excellent in organising them.

    Rafael looked more like the player he was 2 seasons ago than the one from last season, which is good. He still has some ways to go to recapture his best form, but it looks good.

    Lindegaard looked fantastic. Brave, commanding, splendid. It's a shame DDG is so good because Lindegaard really deserves to start. I wouldn't begrudge him leaving because he is 1st choice material.

    And last, but the opposite of least, Ander Frackin' Herrera. That was some way to hit the ground running. Man of the match in his first United appearance IMO, slightly ahead of Young because he was involved all game and was amazing throughout. He controlled the midfield masterfully, and we could be looking at the PL signing of the season right here.

    I am beyond ecstatic right now!

  • mazoomy posted 4 days ago


    You watching the game vs Galaxy? Herrera, Mata and Welbeck have been amazing. Evans has looked extremely comfortable on the left side of the back 3. Shaw looks out of his depth a bit, while Valencia has been okay.

    The biggest point for me so far is that Rooney, based off this showing, doesn't look like an LvG player at all. He looks fairly lost in the system, and is having almost no impact on the build-up at all. Oddly enough he has 2 goals but looks like the least involved player on the pitch from United. Kagawa would play his role better, hands down.

    If Welbeck can continue to play like this then RvP better be worried, because he's been all over the pitch and fantastic throughout.

    With Fletcher rounding out our midfield we can be pretty much sure that this will be the midfield if we get Vidal, with Vidal obviously replacing Fletcher. Stylistically Fletch is definitely the closest thing we have to Vidal, so in this setup Vidal would really just slot right in.

    The energy throughout the team has been fantastic, and the way we've been pressing for the ball has been remarkable. This is what United should look like, though the shape will take a bit of getting used to lol.

  • mazoomy posted 6 days ago


    It's a shame Evra left, he was our last experienced player in the back line. We HAVE to bring someone in now, although that was probably already true before. There are a lot of Hummels rumours but I'm calling BS on them. No way he'd be attainable for 20m, that's way too low a figure.

    There are rumours we put in a much bigger bid for Vidal now. Hopefully they are true and he's really headed this way. I can't overstate how excited I'd be if he were to join us!

  • mazoomy posted 7 days ago


    I can't wait to find out what happens with the Vidal transfer. Come or go, I just want to know what his decision is. His vacation can't be over soon enough. And yeah I saw an article about the house going up for sale, no quotes though.

    I'm torn about the wait to sign more players. There are some areas where we definitely need immediate replacements, like in the midfield and at CB. He shouldn't have to wait and see about that. But I do like that he wants to give the squad a fair shot at showing him what they can do in his system first.

    Do you think any fringe players or underperforming players will turn it around under LvG? I'm thinking that Clevs and Kagawa are the main 2 I see becoming important players (Clevs as a rotational player, Kagawa I think will become a star). Are there any who are already doing well that you think will get to the next level?

    Can't wait for the preseason games to start. I want to see how the team does, and how we'll play under LvG.

    Yup, unless there's a tremendous loss of form Lahm will still be either the best or among the best FBs in the world in 2 years. Such a loss for the NT.

  • mazoomy posted 9 days ago


    I didn't watch it lol. I usually don't watch press conferences, though I probably should. I've read some stuff about it afterwards. I like that he wants to see how the players he has "click" with him and his philosophy before getting new players. But with Vidal looking less likely to happen and Carrick out long term, we need a DM bad.

    Any other highlights from it I should know about?

    Oh and I don't know if you know, but Lahm retired from international duty. He'll go down a Germany legend I'm sure, but I can't help but feel it was too early.

  • mazoomy posted 13 days ago


    Hmmm interesting question. If I were LvG and we signed Vidal I would have a chat with Rooney. I'd make it clear to him that he will not be the main attraction of the team, and that his place in the starting 11 is far from guaranteed. If he is to play it will be based on his performances, not his reputation. I'd also outline the position(s) that I would want to use him in.

    For example, LvG might decide that he wants Rooney to rotate with RvP at the 9, or that he wants him to play in the midfield, or out wide. Wherever he wants him to play, he'll need to make it clear to Rooney.

    I'd then leave it up to Rooney to decide whether or not he's happy with it. If he's willing to stay and fight for his place in the position that the manager wants him to fill, then so be it he can stay. But if he says that he doesn't want to do that then I would look to sell him to whoever is willing to pay his wages (preferably to a foreign club). I would offload him for about 20m to get his parasitic ass out of the squad and his mammoth wages off the bill.

    If he doesn't want to leave, then I would probably just let him rot on the bench. It would be expensive, but it would let others know that at Manchester United nobody can have their way with the club. While it isn't necessarily smart to pay monstrous wages to a player who isn't playing, we are one of the few clubs who can afford to do it to send a message.

    Besides, he's really hungry to play so he will eventually either decide to swallow his pride and play where LvG wants him to or he'll go to whichever club it is that wants him. At his age he can't afford to be wasting any years of his career.

    I think that's how I would handle the situation. He's still a fan-favourite amongst many of the supporters so it would be suicide for LvG to just throw him out. As long as he makes it Rooney's choice then LvG's decision should go across just fine with the fans I'd think.

    How would you do it?

    And I can't even imagine how thrilled I'd be if we unveiled Vidal and another player with LvG. That would be mind-blowing!