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Cavs, Browns, Indians, Buckeyes. That's all you need to know.

Ha! Just kidding - here are the underwhelming details.

Despite lack of proximity, I'm more of a Cleveland fan than ever. I'm a part-time tutor and freelance writer. I love pickles, but that's the extent of my similarity to Snooki. I swear I can taste the difference between Coors and Miller. I probably can't.

In Fantasy, I always make one incredibly stupid move and then win for the rest of the season. It drives my friends nuts, especially considering I'm always the lone chick in the league.

I think it's hilarious when dogs wear people clothes. I always chase the ice cream truck. My favorite food is brisket.

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  • daniel dyer posted 1746 days ago

    daniel dyer

    Amy the beautiful...where have you been? I'm jones'n for another wonderful Amy Dittoe original.

  • Curtis Shaw posted 1814 days ago

    Curtis Shaw

    Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for the entertaining article. I wish I could write half as well as you.

  • Greg Swartz posted 1817 days ago

    Greg Swartz

    Would you believe I've never been there? Always went to BW's or DeNovo. I do get to enjoy Wooster for about a week now though. Perks of being a teacher on christmas break.

  • Ryan O'Dell posted 1820 days ago

    Ryan O'Dell

    What's going on, Amy! One of my favorite writers! Stop by the Coccia House sometime and I'll make a pizza up for you special. Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

  • James Hicks posted 1878 days ago

    James  Hicks

    Amy, I edited your story last night on the wish list for the Browns. I forgot to note something critical. You reference a stat from Football Outsiders —the one about the DL tackling behind the line of scrimmage. That comment requires a link back to the source information on Football Outsiders. I tried to find but was unable to locate. B/R requires both attribution (which you did) and a link. If the link is not provided, that comment should be removed from the article. Thanks.

  • rana umair posted 1879 days ago

    rana umair


  • Greg Swartz posted 2032 days ago

    Greg Swartz

    I appreciate anything that happens around Wooster. Who do you see the Cavs taking with their 1st rounders?

  • Greg Swartz posted 2034 days ago

    Greg Swartz

    What happened to you Dittoe?

  • Michael Luli posted 2115 days ago

    Michael Luli

    I would love your thoughts on this...

    Takes me back to a dinner in a Holiday Inn Bar in Wisconson where a lady from Chicago actually told me I would have no idea how miserable it is to be a Chicago Sports Fan. When I told her I was from Cleveland she actually defended her statement!