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  • Larry Evans posted 2071 days ago

    Larry Evans

    LOL!! I Know---right?? Its these DAMN 'smart phones', man! We practically do all our "communicating" on them 24/7!!! ----ALL DAY!! LOL.....

  • Kevin Germany posted 2073 days ago

    Kevin Germany

    John, I understand you are a Miami Heat fan. It's OK. LeBron will get his ring eventually. He just has to go to Zales to get it.

  • Larry Evans posted 2073 days ago

    Larry Evans

    John: You wrote: " Damn you hate the Heat, sorry LeBron and Bosh didn't come to your shitty team"...several points regarding your "comments".....

    1) You're not sorry---like you will be--after the Heat's sorry asses are bounced in the 2nd round! (a reality they have been MIGHTILY striving to avoid)--more on this in pt.4 !!
    2) I don't HATE the Heat---not as a TEAM anyway! However, I DO hate what they represent and are perpetuating on all b-ball fans...that is...this sense of 'entitlement" they portray! They TRULY thought their VAUNTED PRESENCE alone was enough to make all others---cringe---in accepted defeat! I call this the "Tyson/Tiger Woods" syndrome! As long as everyone FEARED them--they were, in fact---unbeatable; but once the "chink" in their armor was found----DALLAS---spanked that ASS! Same thing THIS year with Miami; and all the Miami fans wanna do is harp about LAST year (which is meaningless).....
    3) Also: I despise the way Riley constructed this team----many wanna act like its jealousy that drives us to criticize him---untrue! ANYONE...could, basically, "bankrupt" the future of ANY franchise by doing what Riley has done! And many "fair-weather" Miami fans who DO NOT study aspects of the game like contracts, future draft picks and stipulations; cap ceilings, etc.--BUT they will find out in the next few years the EXTENT to which he has damaged this team with his "all this year---or none" approach! As a b-ball fan---I see how detrimental this is/will be to the league---in the long run!
    4) Lastly---for all their talents they have a "hood-rat" mentality of trying to "get over" on everyone! It has permeated this "trio" from the start! Not only did they LIE about how long they had planned this fiasco, but they "played" other teams (and co-players) in the process--for example, I NEVER wanted the Bulls to pick up Wade---but Wade strung the Bulls along with VERY personal FAMILY arguments..that the Bulls (out of respect and concern)....obliged him; in the process they lost out on who they TRULY wanted (Joe Johnson-Hawks)...then Wade ditched them (as he had planned to do all along---ALL---with Riley's knowledge and consent)! Thats BELOW the accepted standard of business behavior---to me! Had the Bulls absorbed these three; the internal bickering that would be going on (RIGHT ABOUT NOW)....between these factions would have had the Bulls team in serious disarray!
    Even NOW---they have (I think) INTENTIONALLY played sub-par (as witnessed by almost everyone of you Miami fans)..who often argue that their "sub-par" play is because they're "resting" for the playoffs---NO--they're POSITIONING themselves to be EXACTLY where they want to be (2nd or 3rd seed) to avoid Boston and Chicago ---again---this is NOT the spirit of a TRUE "champion"-type team! And even IF that were true (resting)...its STILL unfair for paying get their BEST(and money's worth).. from Miami in the regular season!! Again---they possess a "get over" by ANY means mentality! Or...the END justifies the MEANS!!

    I don't think so!