Ben Alves

Ben Alves


I'm a 21 year old University Student living in New Zealand who knows sport a lot better than he plays it. Sports writing is something I've always thought I could do. Sports I am knowledgeable about include rugby, hockey, football, mixed martial arts and boxing to an extent.

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  • Dan Riaz posted 1531 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Your picture... is AWESOME!!! :D :D :D

  • DaPaulieLama Monk posted 1923 days ago

    DaPaulieLama Monk

    And this is where personal perceptions once again rears it's ugly head., I used Manny as an example because the article was about him. Thus Manny seemed like the most logical choice to use. Since you continue to make personal perceptions on the what i say, i feel obligated to correct you when those perception about me are incorrect. After all I do have a right to defend myself.

  • DaPaulieLama Monk posted 1924 days ago

    DaPaulieLama Monk

    I too have a social life, as I am also in the process of writing a thesis paper for the PHD program am trying to graduate from. However, I enjoy learning as much as I can about the topics that i am interested in, and in this case it being Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather and their possible boxing match. As I stated before, personal perceptions about the person you are debating with should be left out of the equation, because they often get in the way of the facts. I have repeatedly said that i don't know if Manny has ever used PEDs, and if you have read any of my past comments in previous articles (which I can understand why you wouldn't have) you would know that your perceptions on how I feel about Manny are misguided. Even in my original comments in the article in which we had our debate; i stated "I dont know if Manny was on the juice or not...nor am I suggesting that he was." which i wrote in the very first sentence of the last "paragraph" The point I WAS making was that Floyd agreed to all of Manny's demands even the unsactioned on of the $10 mill weight penalty. however, it was Manny that wouldn't agree to Floyd's unsanctioned demand of OSBT...thus it was Manny who turned down the fight, not Floyd.

    But hey man, if you want to write about sports , then make personal perceptions of those you debate with AND not be open to all possibilities, well then, good luck with you're writing career, but I am not to sure how respected of a journalist you will become with such a narrow view.

    (see, I can make personal perceptions too).

  • DaPaulieLama Monk posted 1924 days ago

    DaPaulieLama Monk

    I am not trying to prove that Manny is a cheat. This isn't solely about Pac, this is about PED's that can not be detected through random urine tests and blood tests that are given 30 days apart. Does it take 30 days for all PED's that can only be detected through blood tests to be cleansed from the body? If the answer is no, then you can understand why the OSBT were the suggested.

    The Money issue for the last fight wasnt between Manny and Floyd, they were between Floyd and Arum... Manny has never made even close to 40 mil in a fight before, which is the reason Floyd called Manny. Manny wouldnt had a % of a PPV cut..he would only get what Arum gave him from that %. Thus Floyd took Arum out of the equation. Also, Floyd took Arum to court on 2 seperate occasions when he fought under the Top Rank. Arum Cheated Floyd in the past, so Floyd isnt keen on giving Arum ANYTHING.

    Furthermore, It wasnt Floyd who changed the fight date, it was Arum. Floyd moved his prison date back just to make the fight happen. It was Arum who wanted the date changed once Floyd delayed his incarceration. ..Arum claimed that Manny's eye was still too damaged train, although Manny was fok to fight on Cinco De mayo weekend before Floyd said he could got the green light to fight on that date. . Arum also wanted to have a Magic stadium built, although he knew that the stadium wouldn't be built on that date that Floyd suggested for the fight.

    So if I am reading your reply (to me) correctly, you agree that blood tests given 30 days apart with random urine samples are not the best way to test for all types of PED's. So why not INDEED give the best test that are available as to ensure that every drug can be tested for? Even if manny never did take PEDs before, why not ensure that both he and Floyd dont do take PED's for the biggest fight in both their careers. After all, this is about who is the greatst P4P of their generation...every precaution should be taken. And again, Floyd wasnt the one who changed the date, it was Arum... and the PPV split is very much debatable, because no one knows what size of a Arum will give Manny if the fight ever happens.

    And Agian, This isnt about Me wanting to prove manny is a cheat (so lets keep the personal perceptions out of this and stick with what we know about the previous negotiations). ...this about me wanting to see the fight. Floyd agreed to all of Manny's demands when these 2 were first set to meet, even the unsanctioned one of a $10 million penalty for every pound he was over, plus Manny got to choose glove size and ring size... last time around Floyd moved his jail time to set up the fight. Yet in the first fight, Manny can't agree to the unsanctioned demand of Floyd (although Floyd agreed to Manny's), and the last time around Manny's eye became a problem once Floyd moved his prison date back AND then Arum wanted a stadium built as too also move the date back from which Floyd suggested,,, and the date that Floyd did suggest was Cinco de Mayo weekend... the biggest fight weekend of the year

  • DaPaulieLama Monk posted 1925 days ago

    DaPaulieLama Monk

    Ben, I am not sure if you remember me, but about 2 weeks back we had a debate about the Manny Pacquiao OSBT problem.. you shared an article in which Manny agreed to taking random urine test throughout his training, but he would only agree to be blood tested 30 days before the fight and a blood test immediately following.

    Your point being was that if Pac was taking steroids, his steroid use would show up in his urine tests due to higher levels of testosterone that the urine test would show. The problem with our debate is that we stayed focused on the PEDs which contained steroids as opposed to all debating the many types of PEDs (which would not show up in a urine test).

    This now leads me to the following question. If manny was taking PED's that dont contain Steroids, and dont raise testosterone levels (which in turn wouldn't show up in random urine tests), wouldn't Manny still need a blood test to prove that he wasn't using PED's that ONLY show up in the blood? Random urine tests and blood a test 30 days before the fight and one immediately following the fight still wouldnt prove that Manny wasn't taking PEDs.... It would only prove that he wasnt taking PEDs which raised his testosterone levels (aka, PED's that only show up in urine test).

    Which brings me full circle to my original point... The OSBT is the best way to prove a boxer isnt using PED's. And that is the reason Floyd wants OSBT, as opposed to 2 blood tests 30 days apart, and random urine tests in between..

    Feel free to hit me back up on my profile page to clear this up.

  • Paul Swaney posted 2083 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    Ben- I thought you would be interested in our review of Forsyth Barr Stadium. Check it out. I'd love to hear what you think -