Steph Rockwood

Steph Rockwood


Well, I'm a Junior at SUNY Brockport in upstate New York. Next fall I will be a double major in Journalism and Sport Management with a minor in Finance. I'm obsessed with sports and I know more then the average female knows about them ... My dream is getting closer and closer.

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aim: hmsliceSPARTAN03
yahoo: uh_oh_oreo14706

"big ups to all my haters" - shawty lo

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  • Jeff Little posted 3445 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Thanks Steph for the edits and the feedback. They're both defintely appreciated.

  • Robert Zendzian posted 3446 days ago

    Robert Zendzian

    Thanks for the edit

  • Sean Crowe posted 3459 days ago

    Sean Crowe

    Thanks Steph. :)

  • Reggie Garcia posted 3461 days ago

    Reggie Garcia

    thanks for the updated, edited article. Haha I will keep them, whatever makes my writing better for people to read im all for it

  • John Falcetta posted 3461 days ago

    John Falcetta

    Thanks for the edit and feedback

  • Devlan Sheahan posted 3472 days ago

    Devlan Sheahan

    K, gotcha.

  • Joe Willett posted 3481 days ago

    Joe Willett

    Thanks for the feedback. The Dolphins are getting pretty desperate and I'm not exactly sure what they will do with the 1st pick. The first 6-7 picks are so up in the air it would be hard to pinpoint exactly where all the teams will go.

  • Jeff Little posted 3488 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Steph, you did a wonderful job. I had faith that you would because my sister and you share the same name. Your dream will be realized! Just like in the story behind the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" if you have a dream don't let anyone derail your dream. People telling you that you can't do something is really them saying that they have failed and you will too. Don't listen to the haters keep your head up & always do your thing.

  • Jeff Little posted 3488 days ago

    Jeff Little

    Thanks for the edits, I had the Hoyas reaching the Elite 8 on my bracket. The NFC is done and I've almost finished the AFC East.

  • Bleacher Report posted 3493 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    thanks for edit, could u do the same for my national league one?