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Lucky to have been alive to see the 49ers win all 5 Superbowls here in California. I'll never forget where I was in the 1981 NFC Championship Game as a young child watching the game. Almost died from being heart broken after the 1983, 1987, and 1990 NFC Championship/Divisional playoff games. Native San Franciscan. Wait, lucky to have witnessed the SF Giants win a World Series after the disasters of the 1989(our apartment shook like hell) and 2002 World Series. God, Jeffrey Leonard shouldn't have done that one wing bird flap and Candy Maldonado can't play defense! You "Humm baby" Giants fans know what I'm talking about. I still "Believe" in the Golden State Warriors and wish the Sharks would stop flirting with trying to win the Stanley Cup. Come on now!!! Go Stanford (I'm probably the only Cardinal fan in Liberal SF) and Army Knights (Hooooooah!!!!!). BTW, this may sound weird being a Warriors fan, I actually like the Lakers. I grew up with "Showtime" back in the 80s starting from 1981. What can I say? I liked Michael Jordan and Barry Sanders too. I hate the Raiders, Cowboys, Celtics, A's, Cal Bears, Navy, and any team that plays against the Giants and 49ers (especially East Coast teams).

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