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  • Will posted 777 days ago



    The only problems that I have with your recent Tebow rants is you are making it sound like Rex Ryan is somehow afraid.

    I promise you . . . the man is not afraid.

    He has no reason to be.

    If he was afraid of standing up for who and what he believes in . . . he would have given in a long time ago and played Tebow.

    You are also blurring the lines of perception and reality.

    I do not remember Ryan saying that Tebow cannot throw and will never make it in the NFL as a quarterback.

    Far from it.

    As a matter of fact . . . he has been quite complimentary.

    Right now . . . all the man is "guilty" of is thinking Mark Sanchez actually gives his team the best chance of winning.

    Other than that . . . he has done nothing to warrant the name calling.

  • Sean McDermott posted 1007 days ago

    Sean McDermott

    good call on tebow and NYJ