Bryan Dunbar

Bryan Dunbar


My predictions for Baylor games
week 1 Baylor 70 Wofford 10 real score- Baylor 69 Wofford 3
week 2 Baylor 52 Buffalo 13 real score- Baylor 70 Buffalo 13
week 4 Baylor 73 ULM 21 real score- Baylor 70 ULM 7
week 6 Baylor 66 WVU 13 real score- Baylor 73 WVU 42(21 in 4th)
week 7 Baylor 49 KSU 21 real score Baylor 35 KSU 25
week 8 Baylor 69 ISU 6 real score Baylor 71 ISU 7
week 9 Baylor 77 KU 13 real score Baylor 59 KU 14
week 11 Baylor 63 OU 17 real score Baylor 41 OU 12
week 12 Baylor 66 TTU 28 real score Baylor 63 TTU 34
week 13 Baylor 55 OKST 38

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  • Bryan Dunbar posted 1526 days ago

    Bryan Dunbar

    Yeah that team didn't have O's offense, and LSU no longer has any defense

  • Tiger Pride posted 1556 days ago

    Tiger Pride

    Uh, LSU scheduled O just 2 years ago and wrecked them, it wasn't even close.

  • john cory posted 1812 days ago

    john cory

    For the record I believe Rich Strophe is a few bricks shy of a load.

  • Rich Strophe posted 1857 days ago

    Rich Strophe

    Wow, I apologize. I've been busy. Just had to finally reply to your post from 267 days ago. The one about "Alabama who claims NC's with a 2 loss season" and goes on to state NDs National Championships (although not claimed by the school) are "in the NCAA record book, so it counts."

    Just thought I needed to point out to you, the self-proclaimed "intellect of college football" - it might be helpful if you actually LOOK at the NCAA record book and not just REFERENCE it.

    That link above? The one referencing the NCAA's website linking to "football_records"?

    See, in that one, the "2 loss season" you mention is there. 1941 (page 72). Along with 17 others. Including all 9 in 16 seasons for Bear Bryant. Suck on that Knute Rockne?

    So, all of the 14 NCs awarded to Alabama they choose to recognize are in the NCAA record books. There are 4 NCs awarded to Alabama in the NCAA record books they choose not to recognize.

    For the record, I think 1941 is a joke. If I were you, though, I wouldn't reference the NCAA record books when making a case if you haven't taken the time to look at the record books.

  • David Jenkins posted 2123 days ago

    David Jenkins

    Brian, in response to the TTU Baylor game, u guys beat us for the first time since 1995. And even that was b/c of some extreme conditions on our part, Baylor is the least of everyones concerns coming into this season. Baylor is a one and done

  • Kraig Lundberg posted 2124 days ago

    Kraig Lundberg

    Thanks Bryan. I considered attending Baylor before deciding on Nebraska. A little pricey. But they've done a good job improving their sports programs. I definitely noticed Nick Florence when the Huskers played against him in Waco in 2009.

  • Bryan Dunbar posted 2125 days ago

    Bryan Dunbar

    Richy Poo there Notre Dame they do not have to claim them. There not Alabama who claims NC's with a 2 loss season and it is in the NCAA record book ,so it counts. Argue all you want it still counts as a record. Princeton shouldn't count because back then they didn't even have a true national champion, I'd call them east coast champions.

  • Rich Strophe posted 2137 days ago

    Rich Strophe

    And that one's even worse. Your "National Championships" listed aren't even claimed by Notre Dame. If you're gonna reach that much, you may as well go back to the beginning and make your "Unbreakable Sports Record" the 19 won by Princeton in a 30 year span.

    Unless you want to go with actually recognized records.

  • Bryan Dunbar posted 2162 days ago

    Bryan Dunbar

    sorry Rich im not perfect neither is my memory . So i decided to go with a even more unbreakable record for you. 6 NC's in only 13 seasons. suck on that Nick Saban

  • Doobie Wondersmoke posted 2164 days ago

    Doobie Wondersmoke

    "Ken Griffey Jr. in the 90's" - You aren't to much of an "intellect" of baseball if that's your answer between Ruth or Mays.