Jay Levesque

Jay Levesque


Jay Levesque is a journalist, short story writer, singer-songwriter, and musician. Some of his greatest passions besides being a father are Philadelphia Flyers hockey, music and spirituality. His articles have been featured on the bleacher report and his music has been played all over the world. Jay is a creative, original and insightful writer who brings a unique background and perspective to Philadelphia Flyers hockey.

Musician Bio

Unique guitar styling is the trademark of singer/songwriter Jay Levesque. Appealing to fans of a wide range of music varieties, Jay engages listeners through his distinctive improvisational sound, connecting people to one another through their shared delight in diverse musical genres.

Jay’s musical story is his birthright, born into a musical family, it was almost destiny that he would become a musician. From his earliest beginnings, singing as an infant, with a record collection by the age of 3 ½, to playing guitar at 10 years of age and writing songs as a teenager, Jay has pursued his art with unfailing determination. These formulative years proved to be a solid foundation for this self-taught musician. His music education consists of the schools of experience and through studying some of the world’s most talented multi-gifted musicians. Jay prefers music by artists who write their own songs, play their own instruments, and combine the two in original and literate one-of-a-kind improvisational performances ala Bob Dylan. These artists shaped Jay’s musical styling and resulted in his inimitable sound. As a collector of what are termed 'field' recordings, Jay is an improvisational, play by feel and mood artist where no performances are ever the same once let alone twice.

Jay has played in shows both as a solo singer-songwriter and as a lead guitarist. Building upon his musical influences, his life experiences, and through his ear for music, Jay is destined to be a force to be reckoned with across the music community. His gift lies in his exceptional ability to create unique off the cuff vocal and guitar stylings, portrayed with feeling and with heart.

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