Jason Vernon

Jason Vernon

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I'm 22 years old from North Carolina. Huge sports fan. I'm die hard Minnesota Vikings fan since i was 9 and believe me its been some rough years and also heart breaking years. I check this website everyday for updates.

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  • Justin LeClair posted 1169 days ago

    Justin LeClair

    Get rid of Ayodele, Griffin and Herrera for sure. try to get a cheaper deal from Hutch, if not cut him

    Pursue Grubbs/Nicks, V-Jax/Colston/Meacham, Brandon Carr/Finnegan/Porter/Chris Carr, Stephen Tulloch/Curtis Lofton/David Hawthorn/Dan Connor

  • Justin LeClair posted 1170 days ago

    Justin LeClair

    Feel free to follow me on twitter @Ju5tin_LeClair im always up to talk vikings or football in general. I check here and twitter frequently

    Sorry for the late reply dude i never seem to check my bulletin board

  • Brian Dezelske posted 1209 days ago

    Brian Dezelske

    Thanks for becoming a fan... appreciate it!

  • Brian Dezelske posted 1213 days ago

    Brian Dezelske

    Glad you liked the article, bro... become a fan of mine and check out my other articles. Peace!