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  • Dean K posted 1906 days ago

    Dean K

    John, get the muscle milk out of your eyes. I don't disagree that Brady will someday be considered the best QB to hold the ball, but to say that Welker is a slow receiver with low yards per catch is just wrong (as is comparing him to Calvin Johnson in the first place; they are very different players). Welker doesn't play the slot because he is slow, it's because he is fast and gets where he is going before they pick him up, giving him to to pick up YAC, unlike lesser slot receivers who catch the ball and are tackled immediately. His YPC is low because he is usually targeted 3-5 yards from the line of scrimmage. He is not supposed to be a deep threat. Look at the amount of catches, amount of dropped balls, TD's, and other stats that mean something for slot receivers and he is the best there is. I felt bad for your clear mental defiency, so I gave you my vote. Wouldn't want you to think you actually got a real vote after posting that garbage.