Mikhail Chin


Kind of a newcomer to the sports world, but I understand more things about athletes and athletics than most people. I've come to respect (almost) all sports; the WWE... I don't think anymore needs to be said on that. Aside from the NBA and NFL, I must say I have come to love the ATP and WTA as well; Serena Williams isn't the only reason women's tennis is amazing. It kills me when people don't give people like Li Na, the Radwanska's, Azarenka, etc. the respect they deserve. Got to say I love the Frenchmen the most though in tennis; Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga might not win a Grand Slam but they go out in style. Nadal is my favorite overall though. I guess this leads me back to my most revered athlete though, Mr. Dwight Howard. I love it when the media crucifies an athlete just because he does what's best for himself.

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