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  • Eagle729 posted 1722 days ago


    Sup Eagle here. Please do not take this the wrong way but Why the so much hate towards me Foorthwal? I know what it means so why is that bad for? I don't know bout you but I was raise to respect others & I live by the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wanna be treated. It seems that you do not like me for whatever reason & I do not mind. It is why we are here because we debate on these topics as fans of WWE. I really do not mind if you or anyone else disagrees with me. It makes me no nevermind. But I do not like the insults on me or anyone who has a different opinion than another person. I am here to ask you 2 things: Why do you hate me? And Can we put the past behind us? Thx :)

  • Jonathan Bones posted 1781 days ago

    Jonathan Bones

    Thanks for the fan add! =)