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"Beyond drink and lack of sleep, our only real problem at that point was the question of access to the clubhouse. Finally, we decided to go ahead and steal two passes, if necessary, rather than miss that part of the action. This was the last coherent decision we were able to make for the next forty-eight hours. From that point on–almost from the very moment we started out to the track–we lost all control of events and spent the rest of the weekend churning around in a sea of drunken horrors. My notes and recollections from Derby Day are somewhat scrambled." - Hunter S. Thompson, "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved"

The rest of the story is a blur of smoked cigars, empty Beam bottles, professional wrestling, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. What else does one need?

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  • Richard Warrell posted 1836 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    I need to write more regularly. But for now, I'm back dude!

  • Rodney Miles posted 1857 days ago

    Rodney Miles

    i have a article idea: was Spurriers Alabama/nfl rant a compliment, or an evil plan to boost their ego's leading to the ATM upset?

  • Josh Matt posted 1857 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Richard Warrell posted 1904 days ago

    Richard Warrell - actually legitimately interested in what you think of my latest, seems sorta thing you might have some opinions on

  • Chinmay posted 1905 days ago



    I am back with another article after sometime. Your read and feedback is as appreciated as ever.

    Thank you so much, and cheers...

  • Richard Warrell posted 1911 days ago

    Richard Warrell

    Boom, new article broski:

  • Jeff D Gorman posted 1921 days ago

    Jeff D Gorman

    Thanks for signing up as a fan, William!

  • Michael Prunka posted 1934 days ago

    Michael Prunka

    Thank you!

  • Chinmay posted 1952 days ago



    I am back with my latest article. It is on a slightly controversial subject. So, your read and feedback would as appreciated as ever. Thank you so much, and cheers...

  • Brandon Scott posted 1959 days ago

    Brandon Scott

    Hey man, here's my piece on the WWE/minority issue. -