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  • Drew Daniels posted 280 days ago

    Drew Daniels

    Hey man I got an article on the Texans wanted to get your feedback on, let me know how i can get in contact with you.


  • Anthony R posted 581 days ago

    Anthony  R

    Hey Matt, I have a Houston-related question for you if I may please?

  • Ben Hardy posted 740 days ago

    Ben Hardy

    i went to the playoff game in baltimore last year, and that is what all the ravens fans were telling me, was they didn't know we were that good. people just think its the texans of old, and have not found out, barring injury, this could be a very very dominant team.

  • Ben Hardy posted 741 days ago

    Ben Hardy

    Good to have a fellow houstonian on this website. I actually put something like what you said about the new york teams in a comment i left. saying how the houston teams are quiet and just go about their business the right way and are never in the media or getting into trouble. i think these are the reasons espn and even B/R overlook the houston sports teams on a national level. I believe we are the least talked about SB contenders, maybe in the history of the league.

  • Stephen Kasper posted 749 days ago

    Stephen Kasper

    Thank you sir! I'm not an official FC yet. I have been a Texans FC before and I am just getting back into it. Hopefully within another couple weeks!

  • Jeffery Roy posted 785 days ago

    Jeffery Roy

    Jersey?! Lived in Gillette (near Summitt) and West Long Branch (near Asbury Park) until the
    mid-sixties. Have been in H-town since '77. I was going to suggest meeting for a beer, but given the distance let me offer a virtual substitute:

  • Jeffery Roy posted 785 days ago

    Jeffery Roy

    Thanks Matt! Glad to be part of the team. Are you also a Houston resident?

  • richard wilson posted 865 days ago

    richard wilson

    Mathew, how are you doing? Your father sent me this link.
    My email is

  • Parker Schulte posted 866 days ago

    Parker Schulte

    Now that the texans have bradie james, what if traded up with jacksonville to get dontari poe with our 2nd and 6th round picks. that would be sick

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