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  • Peter Dreach posted 1840 days ago

    Peter  Dreach

    Disturbing comments today, even from you Sam. After Fed lost to Roddick in Miami, I showed you the comments from Roddick on how classy Federer was on and off the court. You said you had been doing some thinking and after seeing this type comments about Federer so often, you pledged to not insult or attack Federer anymore and that you had always deep down appreciated the beaufy of his game. Those were your words and your pledge Sam.. Since then Federer has been nothing but gracious and classy both in win and defeat, so no reason was given for you to attack again. Even Ruffin with all his bias has been remarking how impressed he is with Federer's demeanor. Yet, once again, you went on the attack with some quite disrespectful remarks and totally uncalled for.

    Further- for the past year you have been screaming after every Djokovic win over Nadal that Djokovic is a doper, that you know it for a fact, are convinced he is a cheater... agian your words.. Personally, I don't think he is, but if you really beleived that, why would you want a doper and a cheater to beat a guy who has done so much for Tennis in Roger Federer? That's bizarre-- unless you were just saying those things out of spite.

    You are famous for these outbursts, and often you have later apoligized or taken them back. I would hope you would look at these comments and think about your pledge and realize it is uncalled for and distasteful.