Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner


I have often been described as having an old soul when it comes to my love of sports. Although I follow football, basketball, and baseball religiously, baseball is and will always be my first love. Perhaps it is because I see it as the perfect metaphor for life, or because there is no other game like it on Earth. For whatever reason, I will always bleed the Giants orange and black until my dying day.

My relationship with the game started around the age of 9 or 10, when I would listen every night to Jon Miller, Duane Kuiper, MIke Krukow, and the immortal Lon Simmons on KNBR every night call Giants baseball. My first love was Giants baseball, my first heartbreak was the 2002 World Series, and I yearn for the day that my boys will be atop the baseball world. Until then, I shall remain a faithful patron to the Church of Baseball, and will continue my dedication to the Giants, 49ers, and Warriors for as long as my life span will allow me.

If you share my passion, regardless of your team's allegiance please feel free to contact me. I am ALWAYS up for chatting with another die hard such as myself!



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  • Danny Penza posted 3263 days ago

    Danny Penza

    Sweet! Expect an email from my fellow Giants community leader Evan Aczon about it. He is running this round so he will be handling the duties this time.

  • Danny Penza posted 3264 days ago

    Danny Penza

    Are you interested in participating in a Giants Roundtable? All it involves is you sending me your email, I send out a mass email to everybody involved. You would then send me your response to the question in the email and then I would edit then (not for content, just grammar and that stuff) your response and post it as one large article.

    So after all of this....still interested?