Eric Steiner AKA The Worlds Biggest Mark

Eric Steiner AKA The Worlds Biggest Mark


I am also a writer for The Examiner. For more of my sports and fitness related articles go to:

I have trained life-long in various forms of full contact fighting and grappling (Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling) and I have been an avid drug free weightlifter my whole life, so I bring a lifetime of experience and intelligence to articles on these subjects.

Ever since I could remember I have been a huge fan of Pro Wrestling, so I enjoy chatting with people, who feel the same way I do about this form of entertainment.

I also love watching football and many other sports but I have not trained in any other sport, so as far as sports articles go, you'll probably only see articles from me about mixed martial arts, boxing/kickboxing, amature wrestling/grappling/jiu jitsu or pro wrestling.

I've created various non sports related artistic projects involving writting, music, drawing and animation. To learn more about me and the different projects I am working on go to:

Thanks for reading my articles and hopefully I can create some more articles for you that are engaging, entertaining, and will have you comming back for more.

- Eric

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  • How bout I surprise your girlfriend?

  • IGGY AZALEA posted 2869 days ago


    Act your age!! Quit going on this website ranting because all you are doing is making a FOOL out of YOUSELF

  • Smoke And Mirrors posted 2878 days ago

    Smoke And Mirrors

    Hello, here is a short top 10 list of what I believe to be the greatest pushes in the WWE history. Check it out if you have the time. Any feedback is welcomed and hopefully will be replied to.

  • Miss Annie posted 2893 days ago

    Miss Annie

    Um, care to share your thoughts on this?

  • Mr. Ashley Morris posted 2906 days ago

    Mr. Ashley Morris

    Thanks for the fan add, Eric! I'll keep bringing the heat!

  • Ricky Bhatia posted 2913 days ago

    Ricky Bhatia

    Faces outnumbered in the WWE.Check it out please.
    Merry Christmas.Thanks.

  • Kyle Steiner posted 2915 days ago

    Kyle  Steiner

    Eric, check out how hard I am roastin this dude on my Kimbo blog.

    he said he can relate with kimbo because he too is "from the streets"

  • Get your kicks posted 2915 days ago

    Get your kicks

    It's obvious you were a Pride fan like me. And showing respect to Rocky Marciano. You're obviously a fan of great fighting.

  • Jamie H posted 2919 days ago

    Jamie H

    My entry for the CvC, it's on HBK.

    My first peice btw, please read and comment if you get a chance, thanks in advance.

  • Marco Yanitelli posted 3075 days ago

    Marco Yanitelli

    Thanks that was a nice gesture. I appreciate it!