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  • Ryan L posted 1951 days ago

    Ryan  L

    Thankyou, for the fan add. Right back at you. Also, I like the picture it looks funny.

  • Sebastian Maldonado posted 1975 days ago

    Sebastian Maldonado

    Hello Jeremiah. Thanks for liking my CM Punk article. Much appreciated!

  • Luis Campos posted 1983 days ago

    Luis Campos

    Hey thanks for the props.

  • John Ramos posted 1983 days ago

    John Ramos

    Any time, Jeremiah, look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  • Undead Warrior posted 2035 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    What a cool picture

  • Alex Carter posted 2177 days ago

    Alex Carter

    your awsome man keep it up!

  • Faisal Mohammed posted 2178 days ago

    Faisal  Mohammed its basically earn money for writing articles? pretty convenient. Thats why I see certain guys more than others.

  • Faisal Mohammed posted 2178 days ago

    Faisal  Mohammed

    Good schedule, in 3 days you could get the idea, start crafting it, and then post it.
    I dont exactly get the featured Columnist thing, is it like the guys on the front page?
    I can really see some epicness with Miz...his douche bag gimmick can open up lots of creativity in Undercard Overhaul

  • Faisal Mohammed posted 2178 days ago

    Faisal  Mohammed

    I got a fan this early...o.e Thanks Jeremiah :D
    Just out of curiosity, when will you do the next Undercard Overhaul?

  • Faisal Mohammed posted 2179 days ago

    Faisal  Mohammed

    Undercard Overhaul is so god damn good...I am not sure why WWE didint hire you, maybe Vince became blind or something.
    I would love too see more stuff with Kane and Undertaker, and maybe some more stuff with Foley and Miz. Keep up the great work.