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  • Erin Cummins posted 2207 days ago

    Erin Cummins

    I was arrogant with my prediction??? LMAO! LOL! That's a good one! Please by all means explain that one because not ONCE did I ever say that the Bengals would win in a blow out or something. All I said was that I like their chances based on the fact that Marvin Lewis was 6-2 at home in Cincinnati against the Ravens and 10-7 overall against them not too mention the fact that they'd have a slight edge in motivation for winning due to the fact that they win and they're in and they wouldn't need help from other teams to still get in. How exactly does that make me arrogant with my prediction? You Ravens fans always provide great laughing material though, so thanks, lol.

    BTW, "Ball so hard?" Is that even english? LMAO! LOL! Can't say I'm surprised though since you continued to show your level of immaturity with your by calling me "Mr. Eric Cummins" in your comment post on the "Why Bengals Will Win Biggest Game of Their Season". Only someone who is insecure with themselves (as you apparently are) would stoop to name calling like that. Displaying that sort of immaturity is very typical of someone who's a Ravens fan though. All you guys know how to do is either be sore winners or sore losers.

  • Erin Cummins posted 2207 days ago

    Erin Cummins

    The difference between you and me is that I actually HAVE a life and don't troll these boards looking to start fights. Again, bravo on displaying your level of immaturity and the fact that apparently your life is absolutely pathetic where you have to SEEK someone out just to make yourself feel "bigger". All you've done by posting what you did on my bulletin board is prove what a total loser you are. GROW UP!