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  • Randy Barning posted 1683 days ago

    Randy Barning

    I like Weidman to win the belt too. Have bet it even to put my money where my mouth is.

  • BAN CHEATERS posted 1753 days ago


    You need to do a lot better research on Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt than what you stated in your article regarding fighters who hurt their careers with PED's. Nate "THE CHEAT" has at least 3 failed tests not the (ONE) you stated and the one in 2005 was for massively high levels of ILLEGAL STEROID nandrolone (DECA). NOONE has been given more chances than Nate "THE CHEAT" If it wasn't for MC Hammer begging Dana he would have never given nate his 4th chance back in the UFC. BTW what do you think Nate "THE CHEAT" is doing now after beinbg on steroids his entire career now that he is in his mid 30's? Besides using all the obvious PED's that aren't even being tested for like synthetic testosterone, HGH, hcg, EPO's (lance Armstrong's favorite) Victor conte designer steroids or latest blood doping. You see Nate "THE CHEAT" figured out its much easier to announce that he is magically cured and no ,longer needs synthetic testosterone cause his LOW T is cured now. Actually his manager McMahan figured out why be on TRT or TUE after they have already busted you for cheating at least TWICE and will be testing you on a regular basis when its much easier to get rid of the TRT exemption and get the commissions and fans and DANA off your back and then you can use as much synthetic testosterone as you please between fights as well as the 16 months he didn't fight. Much much easier to just taper down as you get closer to your fight and make sure you are vigilant about having your own private testing done (probably using BJ penn or Ben askren name on the samples). NOONE in MMA is a sleazier CHEAT than marquardt who has always used that preacher son's quiet hurt puppy voice to FOOL al you MMA writers that he is just misunderstood and not really the biggest cheater in ALL MMA. when are you writers going to quit covering up and get with reality that this guy is a career long habitual steroid abuser? Wasn't it obvious nate was fully JUICED for the Woodley fight than he was for the Saffedine and Ellenberger. You see guys like Nate and Ken shamrock break because they have always used that steroid crutch to win and when they don't have it or are not FULLY JUICED they crumble after a round or 2. Nate says it best with his excuses that he wasn't mentally ready or underestimated his opponent. Seems like if anyone could see scumbag cheaters it would be you educated sports writer type dudes.

    Have a nice weekend

  • peter teraspulsky posted 1791 days ago

    peter teraspulsky

    You wrote: "For those of you playing the home game ..."
    Dude- this is art, and you sir are an artist. Really- what a wonderfully crafted sentence.

    I just had to write and share that with you (it takes a lot to impress me ... I think?!).
    Peter T.

  • Alejandro Prieto posted 1792 days ago

    Alejandro Prieto

    I represent Fighters Source and we are hosting the first sanctioned MMA event in New York City, at the Manhattan Center, on March 23, 2013. Visit us at

    Any questions, feel free to email me.

    Alejandro Prieto
    Fighters Source
    Marketing/Events Coordinator

  • Josh Matt posted 1884 days ago

    Josh Matt

    fan add?

  • Riley Kontek posted 1889 days ago

    Riley Kontek

    Just read your UFC on Fox 5 Early Odds and Predictions piece. Thanks for linking my head-to-toe breakdowns in it! Much appreciated.

  • Andrew Dodds posted 1927 days ago

    Andrew Dodds

    palhares too needed to be on that list.

  • Andrew Dodds posted 1927 days ago

    Andrew Dodds

    Just a friendly tip- vinny magalhaes is actually the best jits guy in mma- verdum, maia and jacare are list worthy not none of the rest are relevant today compared to vinny. roger gracie deserved mention. adcc results are the most important. check out the 2011 results:

  • Im the new guy posted 1939 days ago

    Im the new guy

    What I meant was to monitor my comments, sorry about that. Anyways, thanks for the advice there

  • Im the new guy posted 1940 days ago

    Im the new guy

    Hey man, big fan of your work here. Although I have been reading from this site since December, this is my first account here in bleacher. Is there a better way to monitor your comments here? I am having a bit of a problem doing that, maybe perhaps you can help me with this. Thanks man