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  • Kevin Stott posted 1850 days ago

    Kevin Stott

    Thank you so much for the love Chiles. I wasn't sure about writing that then once I got started it just flowed. Was happy with the final product and when someone like you takes the time to say thanks it means more than you know to me. Now let's get some silverware today. Cheers brother.

  • Dan Talintyre posted 1924 days ago

    Dan Talintyre

    Thanks of the praise on the Chelsea transfer article. Appreciate the support.

  • Christopher Almeras posted 1934 days ago

    Christopher Almeras

    Thanks for the praise of my article on the PSG Chelsea match up. I appreciate the read and the feedback.

  • Hasmat Mustun posted 1942 days ago

    Hasmat  Mustun

    thanks for the praise :)

  • Blake Birt posted 1944 days ago

    Blake Birt

    Thanks for the praise man, really appreciate it!

  • Sam Tighe posted 1944 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    Thanks for the reader praise "props"!

  • Kevin Stott posted 1971 days ago

    Kevin Stott

    Thanks for the love on the FA Cup story Chiles. And I think my may have the greatest avatar in the history of avatars. The Chelsea logo is one thing but to have it radiating wonderful beams of light? Epic. Let's psychic it up and try and beat Newcastle (Wednesday), Liverpool (Saturday) and Bayern Munich (May 19), If we believe it, and the players believe it, we can do it. All three brother. And to think us Chelsea fans were so down in the dauber four months ago...

    That's the beauty of Life. Things change. We should never give up. And all is possible with talent, hope and sheer will. And we have all three. Thanks again brother. Means more to me than you know. ☺

  • Ajit Sharma posted 1980 days ago

    Ajit Sharma

    Liked the observations about Barca Chiles...the game's sure to be a cracker!!! Thanks for the comments, keep 'em comin ! Cheers

  • Ryan Day posted 1984 days ago

    Ryan Day

    Thanks for liking my article rating Chelsea's players from their 1-0 win over Barca. Your Blues gave me a great match to watch.

  • Hristina Tisheva posted 1991 days ago

    Hristina Tisheva

    Glad you liked the preview and good luck on Sunday!