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I have absolutely no credentials when it comes to sports. None. The only varsity sport I played was Badminton. The only organized team sport I played was with some friends in a local rec b-ball league. I have about as much athletic ability as the average overweight, high fructose corn syrup guzzling American. I haven't coached youth basketball, couldn't tell you exactly how a flex play works, or who the best up and coming college senior is. I am work full time and take 8 hours of college classes a week. The only regular TV I watch is NBA Basketball and sports recap shows and news (and whatever the GF is watching when I don't have control of the single TV in the house, darn it we need a new TV!). A good deal of my internet browsing is dedicated to reading sports recaps and opinions (when I'm not drooling over electronics).

Basically, I am going to spew the same opinions on this blog as I would shooting the sh*t with the homies. I am one of you, a Layman Analyst. I'll probably talk about something that I barely know about, spew some assumptions and make forecasts that will result in someone thinking I am an idiot. I expect that. In fact, let me encapsulize all forthcoming sports arguments below:

A: "My Sports Team of choice is better because of "Place regurgitated fact here"
B: "Oh yeah, remember when My Sports Team of choice beat your sports team of choice "Place most recent, convenient and devastating loss here"
A: "True, but remember when "Place embarrassing fact or situation (Most likely a choke job in the playoffs) here" ?

Lather, rinse repeat.

It's like a Shakespearian sonnet: there is form, there is balance. This argument form is only looking to exhaust all possibilities, like a John Coltrane solo.

Touch gloves and let's keep it clean!

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