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  • Sarah Roe posted 1411 days ago

    Sarah Roe

    Negative and condescending are both good when called for! haha

  • Marty Waters posted 1699 days ago

    Marty Waters

    Nolan Ryan is your uncle? awesome!

  • melanie mills posted 1819 days ago

    melanie mills

    go, Ducks....truly one of the most exciting teams to watch in college football, especially the second half.

  • michael mills posted 1851 days ago

    michael mills

    Be careful with Gretzky........he was a very talented hockey player, but he was a player that was given a very specific job. He was NOT to play any defense and he was told to stay between center ice and his own blue line. The other four players on the ice were to be the end to end players and do all the dirty work. They were to dig out the puck from their own end, and try to find Gretzky loping around out at center ice. If anyone was to confront Gretzky ( either verbally or physically ) then McSorley was to jump over the boards and become Gretzky's instant goon. Gretzty scored alot of you know why......but he was the farthest player from a full end to end the world of junior Canadian hockey.........this type of player would be called a puck hog.....or a suck........because he never played the full game. He deserves an honerable mention for any statistical debate, but he is the farthest thing from being the "great one". Just watch some of his old videos.