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  • Andre Miller posted 2015 days ago

    Andre Miller

    Which college football team you a fan of?

  • Joshua Carlton posted 2027 days ago

    Joshua Carlton

    You are an idiot.

  • Jason McGuire posted 2042 days ago

    Jason McGuire

    Yeah I saw that today and it was very upsetting. At least it didn't happen because BSU turning down FSU. If those two ended up in a bowl match, I would love to see that one!

  • Mike Dikos posted 2042 days ago

    Mike Dikos

    ...Dan...I read some of the articles...I hope they take that slot...I think it would improve their status among the naysayers...I still feel that the BcS system is a club, and that a playoff is needed...I read yesterday that a playoff discussion is off the table at the latest BcS meeting...They have more excuses than you could imagine...Later...Mike...

  • Jason McGuire posted 2043 days ago

    Jason McGuire

    Overall, the miles are not a big deal at all when comparing the Big East. Most all of those games will not be back to back though. Im just saying that because of the way the AD might look at it. If I was the AD I would have said yes the second after the offer was made. I think this game would be monumental for the BSU program. All I know is that the AD better take the game as long as the circumstances are fair. He is new this year and this would make a huge statement for his future at BSU. I agree 100% that the game should be played, unfortunately you nor I are the AD's of either school.

  • Jason McGuire posted 2043 days ago

    Jason McGuire

    I totally agree that now is the time to back up the "nobody will play us" statements. BSU would gain much more respect if they played MSU and then FSU back to back, especially if they could win both games. One downfall is that FSU also offered that game slot to Arkansas, North Texas, TAMU, Oklahoma, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Wyoming. I hope Boise moves on the opportunity now. Even if BSU dropped one of those games, either to MSU or FSU, they would earn more respect overall for finally playing back to back upper class BCS teams. Hopefully everything gets ironed out and they can get that game in cement!

    I do feel that the AD from Boise could pass, I hope not but he could. The reason I say that is because if it would be a game @FSU, which I am assuming it is. That would be two away games too start the season, which is fine, but both of those games would combined for a total of 8,640 miles of travel (round trip) within the first two weeks of the season. Its one thing if at least one game was close but with both being so far away, it may cause concern for the BSU AD.

    Either way, I hope this game goes through.

  • Mike Dikos posted 2043 days ago

    Mike Dikos

    How's it goin'?...Where is that article about the offer?...I'd like to read it...I would like to see that matchup too...It would provide a chance to shut the naysayers up...Well, maybe not; they'd still come up with an excuse to slam Boise...I wish they still had Moore...Hope all is well with you and your family...Later...Mike...

  • Jason McGuire posted 2043 days ago

    Jason McGuire

    Hey Daniel! I think that if Boise does not accept that match then there will be a lot of explaining to do. If I was the AD I would take the matchup. I know BSU is in a "rebuilding" year and if, like you said, they beat both MSU and FSU it would be a HUGE boost. I would love to see that game even if the Broncos did lose, it would be a hell of a match!

  • Mike Dikos posted 2095 days ago

    Mike Dikos

    Hope you had a good Christmas. Also, I hope your New Year is good too. I haven't watched one bowl game since they started. From reading my past articles you know I'm a Boise fan, and since they got screwed I haven't been in the mood. I'm really tired of this BcS crap, and after the bowl season I'm going to write an article in favor of a playoff instead of this popularity contest. Sorry to rant and vent. Like I said, I hope you have a good New Year for you and your family...Later...Mike...