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Daniel Thompson

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Political Science and Economics student at UF.

My sport writings interests are football, recruiting and the politics of sports.


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  • Richard Bowler posted 2870 days ago

    Richard Bowler

    This is my new DL rankings

  • Joe Ohman posted 3168 days ago

    Joe Ohman

    Hey Daniel,
    I've already been a fan of yours for a few months. I'm sure I commented on your articles around the National Championship Game when we spanked the Sooners.

    I've only written one article, its on Tim Tebow's amazing Sophomore yeat (and I mention alot of Danny Wuerffel) check it out:

  • Brad Howard posted 3245 days ago

    Brad Howard

    Congrats to florida on the MNC, well see you next year, and yes my steel door has a dent in it now courtesy of Mickey's malt liquor and Florida's red zone defense.

    Damn you Charlie Strong

  • Mike Kent posted 3267 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hi , I wrote a article about are beloved Dolphins

  • Brad Howard posted 3273 days ago

    Brad Howard

    here you go dude

  • Brad Howard posted 3276 days ago

    Brad Howard

    cool let me know when u are ready to post i was thinking late tommaor

  • Brad Howard posted 3278 days ago

    Brad Howard

    1. Should Tim Tebow go ahead and play safety in the MNC to raise his draft stock?

    2. If Jeff Demps is really the fastest player in college football history why don't they just throw him the deep ball every snap and let him outrun the defense?

    3. Why hasn't the University of Florida just replaced Percy Harvins bum ankle with a Bionic one yet? They can rebuild him, they have the Technology.

    4. Is it true that under required items for freshman year at UF, cut off jeans are number six on the list?

    5. Florida fans are notorious for being one of the rowdiest crowds in College Football, if they had a battle royal for the Fandom crown who would they play?

  • Brad Howard posted 3279 days ago

    Brad Howard


  • Brad Howard posted 3279 days ago

    Brad Howard

    hmm ill start putting my 5 together now, but expect them in a few days, say next Monday, ill post them here, probably earlier. we both post the questions and responses independently and put links to each others articles in there after.

  • Brad Howard posted 3279 days ago

    Brad Howard

    So how about we each give each other 5 questions, non PC ones too, like say me asking if tebow is just a fullback with a solid arm, you know mean stuff but incorporating humor.