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Love all the Michigan teams besides Michigan State. GOO BLUE

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  • Daniel Daniel posted 670 days ago

    Daniel Daniel

    If we don't sign Iggy, then I'd go as far as to say that I'd rather take a guy like Corey Brewer of Dorell Wright. I like Josh Smith, but think about it. If we start him at the three spot, can you imagine how much 3's he'll jack up? Exactly, so it's best to get a natural wing, instead of clogging the paint with a 4 man like Smoove.

  • Daniel Daniel posted 670 days ago

    Daniel Daniel

    I don't like Lin as an option either because of his contract. I would prefer that the pistons pick up Andre Iguodala because he's good offensively, and even better defensively, and is a better fit at the 3.

    PG: Brandon Knight
    SG: KCP
    SF: Iggy
    PF: Monroe
    C: Drummond

    IMO, I think this team is even better on paper.

  • Daniel Daniel posted 671 days ago

    Daniel Daniel

    I think Knight is more of a 6th man like player because of his play style, but yeah, Cheeks could help him. Who do you want the pistons to get in free agency?

  • Long gone posted 671 days ago

    Long gone

    I bet you still enjoy the memories of the upset of you vs. Appalachian State.

  • Daniel Daniel posted 672 days ago

    Daniel Daniel

    Considering you're a Michigan fan, did you originally want Trey Burke?

  • Daniel Daniel posted 673 days ago

    Daniel Daniel

    How's it going? Did you like how the pistons draft turned out?