Carlos  Capellan

Carlos Capellan


I was born in 1982 in New York, New York, I grew up in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan. I attended Manhattan Center for Science and Math during my High School years. After graduating High School I attended Hamilton College, located in Clinton New York, for my collegiate years. I graduated from Hamilton College with a Bachelors Degree. I majored in Communications and minored in Philosophy. After graduating from college I moved to Rhinebeck, New York and worked with children who had special needs. I then proceeded to help students from low income backgrounds to gain access to collegiate experience and education. Currently I am a Dean of Students at KIPP NYC College Prep, where I spend my days advising high school students on the life decisions that will help them reach great accomplishments in life.

I played football for 13 years of my life. Playing all through College before my football career was ended during my senior year. A bulging disk in my lower back made it difficult to continue to play considering that I was making physical contact with others on every play. I played Tight End and Right Guard. I also have had the opportunity to coach Football. I was an Offensive Lineman Coach in 2011 for the KIPP NYC College Prep team.

I have spent many of my years helping out youth in need, however, I have aspired to write and talk about sports since my days in high school. It is what motivated me to pursue a degree in Communications with a minor in Philosophy. At this point I feel better prepared to take the necessary steps to complete some of my goals in sports writing. I aspire to become a respected Sports Analyst.

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