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Amit Batra has been an aspiring sports journalist for quite sometime now. Since high school, he's been involved in writing, as he was the Sports Editor for his school newspaper. Amit is from central N.J., and now resides in Morgantown, W.Va., where he attends West Virginia University. As a junior journalism major, Amit spends a good amount of his time writing for the student newspaper, The Daily Athenaeum. Amit is also a featured columnist for WVU football on Bleacher Report.

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  • Michael Walker posted 1927 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Thank you, Amit, I owe you.

  • Michael Walker posted 1934 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Amit! You'll still catch me. But I don't give up easy. You are my still my favorite mentor.

  • Michael Walker posted 1936 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Amit, I just gave it my last, best shot. If you beat me for the month on WVU, you just do! You're closing awfully fast! I'm out of Red Bull...Hey Holgs!

  • Michael Walker posted 1938 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Dude! You're coming on too strong In the monthly WVU numbers. How am I going to hold you off?

  • Meandog Ofbonepile posted 1948 days ago

    Meandog Ofbonepile ought to review and revise your story a bit before you get slammed by UGA readers as Isaiah Crowell was kicked off the team and Malcolm Mitchell will be playing both ways, he isn't a full-time CB.

  • Michael Walker posted 1949 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Thank you, sir. I owe you one.

  • Michael Walker posted 1949 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Amit! I need your help. I posted an article here last night: It's doing OK, but this article was my first assignment. Would you mind reading it and gracing me with a comment? I would also appreciate any direct message criticisms or advice too. I don't mean to intrude on your time, but I really do need you if you can.

  • Michael Walker posted 1953 days ago

    Michael Walker

    I guess you know you just shot down my best article!!! LOL Great ARE the man!

  • Will Leivenberg posted 1955 days ago

    Will Leivenberg

    Thanks for becoming a fan, Amit! I really enjoy your work and it's terrific that you write about such a variety of sports. What are your favorites? Also, how did you originally start writing for B/R? Thanks again, Amit!

  • Michael Walker posted 1959 days ago

    Michael Walker

    Just published my first article here! Would you comment for me? RE: Coach Holgorsen's unsigned contract