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  • Daniel O'Brien posted 1762 days ago

    Daniel O'Brien

    I urge you to think twice before you say something like "Wow poor effort with this article."
    Did you read it? If you did, you can tell I put hours and hours into it, breaking down each player with analysis from watching them and looking up stats.
    Garnett's 15 points and 7 rebounds don't merit a top-5 spot on the PF or Center list. He's great, but who are you going to bounce off the list to include him?
    This list is about who's the best at each position right now.
    Please, please, please read articles before tossing around statements like that.

  • Breana Pitts posted 1874 days ago

    Breana Pitts

    Thanks for the question!

    I don't think Courtney Lee is a true SF, but the Celtics might play him at the position sometimes if they want to go small. He won't regularly back up Pierce though. When it comes to Jeff Green, I think he's better coming off the bench because the C's need a strong second unit. I think Green will play a pivotal role off the bench. Because Pierce's minutes will decrease, Green will still see lots of playing time.

  • Geoff Ratliff posted 1875 days ago

    Geoff Ratliff

    Thanks for the Celtics questions. I wouldn't consider Lee a true SF but they might play him there occasionally depending on the their opponent if they decide to go small. I could change my mindas the season goes on but I like Green coming off the bench. Remember the second unit was a big issue last year and having him and Jet coming off the bench could give the C's one of the better second unit's in the league once they've had some time to gel.

  • Breana Pitts posted 1887 days ago

    Breana Pitts

    Thank you for becoming a fan! I really appreciate it :)

  • Geoff Ratliff posted 1940 days ago

    Geoff Ratliff

    Thank you for becoming a fan. Hope you'll continue to enjoy the Celtics coverage.