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  • abc abc posted 1806 days ago

    abc abc

    You have to be one of the worst (annoying) people on Bleacher Report.

    Go away, seriously. You're an idiot

  • Brandon Dowdell posted 1822 days ago

    Brandon Dowdell

    BRO once again USE FACTS the tuck rule was invented in 1999 Brady was in college at that time you troll. You lie because you don't know anything about football its funny Brady cried his way into a rule a whole two years before it was called in that game your dumb and DONT EVER WRITE ON MY PAGE unless you have facts. Oh and the Brady hit rule it also applies to lineman so your point is........

  • Brandon Dowdell posted 1823 days ago

    Brandon Dowdell

    Bro if your gonna rip a team and a player at least have some facts you just make stuff up and pass opinion off as fact you have to be one of the worst people on this site I understand you hate The Patriots but making stuff up isn't gonna make them any worse your comments on that article are stupid to put it kindly and maybe you should watch a game actually. Every QB complains about being hit because GASP QB's aren't good when they get hit so of course they are gonna complain about it. And the pats win rule...... I'm sure you know since you love them so much the pats haven't won a super bowl in 8 years so that analysis is stupid as well. And if you've been paying attention you'd know that the NFL is getting rid of the tuck rule this off-season everyone knows its a stupid rule that makes no sense.

  • Buckeye Soldier posted 1983 days ago

    Buckeye Soldier

    you're one of the most dishonest people i've interacted with on bleacher report. i've only had one exchange with you, and in that one exchange you lied at least 6 times. i suspect your profile picture isn't even you. because if you were indeed a soldier, you'd have some integrity. as it is, you have none.

    were you really at busch stadium when albert pujols hit his first home run? if it was his first, he was probably still unknown, how do you remember him? i mean, he's some unknown rookie hitting a home run, it's not like it's going to be all that memorable. 2001 was mark mcguire's final year, you'd be expected to remember him, but an unknown rookie? i'm not buying it. something like that you would normally get the benefit of the doubt on, but not after all of the lies you told in our exchange.

  • Bryan O'Connor posted 2070 days ago

    Bryan  O'Connor

    yes they do, they need to expand to the FCS conferences too. some of us are more into CFB than just the big school and conferences like me i'd rather watch a MAC or Sunbelt game because they actually score, you can watch the first and last 5 minutes of any SEC game and get a run down of the entire game because like a zit faced 15 year old they can't score.

  • Jeremy Sickel posted 2070 days ago

    Jeremy Sickel

    Not sure, that is a good question though. I know a lot of the players are still tagged to their former teams in MLB and NFL too.

  • Joe Strummer posted 2128 days ago

    Joe Strummer

    AFL and UFL are bigger?

    prove it.

    and even if you found proof? always will be? when the UFL folds and the AFL folds AGAIN come tell me its #4.

    The CFL and NFL played at a identical talent level until the USFL cause NFL sallaries to increase.

    UFL television ratings: .25

    CFL gets 1 million a game. 15 million for the Grey Cup.

    UFL average attendance for 4 teams: 5 to 20 thousand

    CFL avereage attendance for 8 teams: 20 to 50 thousand

    AFL average attendance for 17 teams: 4 to 10 thousand

    UFL has lost tens of millions a season. same with the AFL.

    Bryan youre just talking out of your ass. Sorry i think your comment was a joke. Which it was. You don't need to insult a league with info that you made up. do youre homework before insulting the CFL. Idiot.

  • FaithM_31 posted 2175 days ago


    why are you in every tna article bashing not trying to be mean but to me your a tna hater.....

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2210 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    I am back. :D

  • Iam D Real Deal yo posted 2213 days ago

    Iam D Real Deal  yo

    Hello, my CvC article is up: Your read and comments will be appreciated, Thanks! :)