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  • Mark Fischer posted 2184 days ago

    Mark  Fischer

    Your comment doesn't even deserve a respectful reply. However, I'll give it to you one, since I'm a genuine, nice guy.

    New York Rangers: 86 Seasons — 4 Stanley Cups. 3 of these Cups were won with less than 8 teams.

    New Jersey Devils: 30 Seasons — 3 Stanley Cups. All 3 of these Cups were won with 26 or more teams.

    Yeah, the statistics do the talking.

    Despite playing 56 more seasons, the Rangers have just one more Stanley Cup than the Devils.

    I'd give the Devils the edge, since when they won their cups, the amount of teams in the league were in double digits, unlike the Rangers, who won it just once while the amount of teams in the league were in double digits.

    Your team is having a fantastic regular season—I'll give credit where credit is due. But come on, even the unintelligent hockey fan—such as yourself—should know that regular season success doesn't automatically translate into postseason success.

  • FaithM_31 posted 2187 days ago


    I barely beat the ravens?lol..I don't play for the ravens dude lol....and im not a pats fan either ....Im just rooting for the pats to beat the giants...my money is on the pats

  • Thunder23 posted 2187 days ago


    dude Idk what your talking about but the giants couldn't get past niners defense..it was the giants special teams that helped the giants....giants are really lucky....

  • Larry Lincecum posted 2211 days ago

    Larry Lincecum

    That sucky Laker team literally abused your Knicks. Who sucks then? I'm not even a Laker fan for Christ's sake!