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Tommy Cochran

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  • Undead Warrior posted 1083 days ago

    Undead Warrior

    Wolves r amazing creatures

  • Maria Cane posted 1644 days ago

    Maria Cane

    For those who haven't yet, check out my new article!

  • Sulayman H. posted 1759 days ago

    Sulayman H.

    Something different:

  • Sulayman H. posted 1767 days ago

    Sulayman H.

    My analysis of the Nexus:

  • Ryan Michael posted 1942 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    This past Monday, I had one of the greatest opportunities of my writing career.

    An interview with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, Fran Tarkenton.

    He talked about everything from Brett Favre, to Peyton Manning, to business.

    If you have a free moment, I'd love to get your thoughts on the interview...

    -Ryan Michael

  • Josh Logan posted 1984 days ago

    Josh Logan

    League is up

  • Josh Logan posted 1990 days ago

    Josh Logan

    League is Up

  • Juan posted 1997 days ago


    My latest read, sure to gain some kind of debate, check it out:

  • Ryan Michael posted 2006 days ago

    Ryan Michael

    What ever happened to the evil that once made Randy Orton great?

    You can't honestly say that the Randy Orton we see before us today is the same Randy Orton that punted Vince McMahon in the skull, can you?

    We need "the" Randy Orton back and here's why...

    If you have a free moment, I'd love to hear your feedback on the subject.

    -Ryan Michael

  • Callum Graham posted 2011 days ago

    Callum Graham