Tracy Jeansonne

Tracy Jeansonne


Born and spent most of my youth in San Diego, moved to Baton Rouge in 1976. My background is in Law Enforcement (14 years) and spent two year in Afghanistan working for DOS while embedded with the US Army training and mentoring the Afghanistan National Police.

Married for 25 years and have two wonderful daughters.

Hold and Associates of Science in Computer Network Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Information System Cyber Security..

Love LSU sports and go to as many football and baseball games as my busy schedule allows. Love the Saints however tickets have been hard to come by for several years now so I have not been to the Superdome since before Katrina.

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  • Tracy Jeansonne posted 1956 days ago

    Tracy Jeansonne

    I appreciate the post!! To answer your question Schumacher or Senna...they are Formula One drivers...not that I care much about Formula One...just picked one of the two.

    Sounds like you have been supporting LSU for many years, that's awesome! I always enjoy meeting LSU fans that have "been around the block" meaning fans that have seen the good and the bad but still support our Tigers. I didn't get involved in Baseball until 1985ish..I was always a football fan. However, I met my wife in 1984 and she is a huge LSU baseball fan, her family played baseball (including her..well softball) growing up, whereas my family played it was a really good fit. She taught me everything there is to know about baseball and I taught her everything there is to know about football....but we learned basketball

    Since I've been back from Afghanistan and in school, I have not made many home games or tailgating, it seems I always have a Saturday morning or afternoon class during football season. This upcoming September will be my last quarter and I graduate in December, I am HOPING and PRAYING I don't have a Saturday class this year so I can get out and do some tailgating.

  • Southern Patriot posted 1956 days ago

    Southern Patriot

    Enjoyed your answers. Many of mine were the same, but I would add, who is Schumacher and Senna? ha. Family and I have been fans of LSU football for generations since the school moved to BR and of LSU baseball since the 70s and thoroughly enjoyed Skip and Brad Henry our former track coach who brought so many national championships to LSU and now to A&M. We open pit roast each year around the time of our game with AR. Last year we open pit roasted a huge hog with the AR state fruit in its mouth. This year we wish to do the same with Bama though we will try a different meat.