1. Dolphins Draft: Solid! (So Far)

    The first 3 rounds of the NFL Draft are over and done. Dolphin fans have a lot to look forward to on Saturday, with 7 picks as of now. Many think they will trade for more, so they could possibly have 8 or 9...

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  2. "The Beast" Arrives In South Beach

    The Miami Dolphins have made their biggest blockbuster trade since they got Ricky Williams from the Saints in 2002. This one could be even bigger, but we'll see about that...

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  3. Dolphins-Saints South Beach Showdown

    The Dolphins and Saints battle it out in Miami this Sunday, in what will hopefully be an exciting game. A little history. If it weren't for the Dolphins, the Saints would not have Drew Brees, and could possibly still be the 'Aints, or even in San Antonio.

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  4. Miami Dolphins Vs. Atlanta Falcons: Sleeper Game Of The Week?

    [Channing Crowder tossing Vick down-Gotta love that one!] Anyway, is it just me or does this game have the potential to be one of the better games to watch this weekend, even for you non Dolphins ...

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  5. Jason Taylor Returns Home

    After reports that the rival New England Patriots were close to signing him to fill a need for them, Jason Taylor has signed a one year, $1.1 million deal with the Miami Dolphins, ESPN has reported...

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