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DJ Goodwin


Sawin' Wood. Know it, learn it, live it. I started back in 2006 with the goal of making it the worldwide leader in unofficial websites strictly dedicated to KU football. Thus far, mission accomplished. I was a KU football fan as a kid, but only got to see one game back in 1981. Once I got to KU, I've pretty much attended most of the home games since 1991. So why not write about it? Other interests include: hockey, cycling, KU basketball and croquet ... yes, croquet. The real stuff like six-wicket and golf croquet.

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  • Bleacher Report posted 3099 days ago

    Bleacher  Report

    My latest submission. Let me know what you think.


    Andy P

  • C.W. O'Brien posted 3257 days ago

    C.W. O'Brien

    Hey, I wanted to know if my articles on HawkDigest were too long? I tend to over-explain things every once in a while. Just let me know if any of them are too long. Later

  • C.W. O'Brien posted 3262 days ago

    C.W. O'Brien

    Dude, I am sorry about disappearing on you. I have been working 60 hr weeks for the last two weeks. I have some stuff written to post on Tuesday. I will try to post it early Tuesday morning or late Monday night. If you want me to push it up or back, let me know.

  • C.W. O'Brien posted 3274 days ago

    C.W. O'Brien

    Pritchett put the ball in motion a few hours ago. He picked Fresno State. Hopefully Evans makes the commit today and takes some of the edge off. I really kinda figured that Pritchett would commit to KU, but thats okay.

  • C.W. O'Brien posted 3275 days ago

    C.W. O'Brien

    As far as McDougald, I did some snooping. He may not be blowing smoke. His basketball team is ranked pretty high in Ohio HS Division I. They got beat out of the state play-offs last year and the team seems pretty determined to not let it happen again. They are 13-1 as of right now. I think it is very possible that he is pretty much focused on basketball right now and he doesn't want to get distracted and screw this up for his teammates...which is noble and about the kind of attitude I like to see Mangino signing. Everything I have read says he is a Jayhawk, he is just trying to keep it low-profile right now.

    Pritchett and/or Evans would be huge. They would have an immediate impact on the field.

  • DJ Goodwin posted 3280 days ago

    DJ Goodwin

    I can be pretty happy if McDougald is really on board and if we get Pritchett or Evans.

  • C.W. O'Brien posted 3280 days ago

    C.W. O'Brien

    The late season recruiting push has taken a pretty big hit over the last 72 hours.

    Wingo chose Arkansas
    DeWayne Peace chose Arizona
    Carlos Savala chose South Florida
    Aaron Moore followed Rhoads from Auburn to Iowa State
    William Lawson chose K-State

    The good news is that Pritchett, Evans, and Poppe still have KU in their top 3. Pritchett has narrowed it down to Fresno State and KU...if he decides he can go out of state, he will be a Jayhawk. I think Evans is waiting to see what Pritchett decides to do...if Pritchett goes Fresno, Evans will probably go KU...if Pritchett goes KU I don't think that KU will sign them both. It is basically a waiting game for Poppe...KU is at the top of his list and everyone else is just jockeying for second place...he just hasn't pulled the trigger yet and I don't know why.