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  • John Graham posted 3220 days ago

    John Graham

    Favre won because the team played well around him for nine games. He is not a bad QB and I agree, to some extent your point about the line. But lets also keep in mind that Faneca, Woody, and Mangold on the same line is not bad by any stretch either.

    What did Favre win exactly? Nothing really outside of going out on a winning season.

    When I say Favre won and the Jets lost I mean this:

    Everyone talked about Favre and how great he was everytime the Jets won a game but when they lost it was because of anything BUT Favre to most "experts"

    Football is a team game but I just did not believe for an instant that Favre complimented the Jets playing style and team and thus I never believed he was a good pick up. Sure he brings swagger and expertise that Chad obviously didn't have but in my opinion, and it is only my opinion, that move cost them the post season. He may have won 9 games but lets get serious. Look at the Jets roster and tell me they weren't poised for a playoff run before the Favre deal. They made huge steps towards success and they should have made the playoffs period. The fact that they didn't was disappointing and looking at Favre's stats it is hard to say that he wasn't part of the problem. 5 years ago, it would have been different, but in 08 he was a bust.

    I am glad Mangini got fired. His decision making in his first year was great and it slowly deteriorated as he played more and more games.

    Rex Ryan will do great things with the NY Defense so he has my full support and fanhood.

    As far as picking up a QB I think one of two things should take place.

    They should REALLY take a look at Ratliff. Or, they should try and sign a talented back up like Derek Anderson or Matt Cassel. But it is not going to be an easy thing to figure out for anyone I can promise you that.

  • John Graham posted 3221 days ago

    John Graham


    I have written about 3 or 4 articles about Brett Favre. If you want to know what Mr. Graham's arguments are against Favre in their fullest form take a look at the other stuff.

    As far as your last comment, most of it I indeed agree with but someone said it best when they said "Brett Favre won but the NY Jets lost"

    Unfortunately, if you look at the numbers, which is something you clearly advocate, Favre did NOT have a good season on anyone's standards. He literally had more turnovers (including lost fumbles) than TDs (including his one rushing TD)

    He might have been better in a second year, but since he retired the previous six seasons I had a feeling he wasnt coming back for more than one cause that is what common sense suggests.

    I can respect that the fact that you are a Favre fan, but as a Jets fan and a Pennington fan, I believed from day one that this deal was not going to work out for the Jets and this time I was right.

    When you get the time I would love to know what motivated you to refer to me as Mr. Gra-ham

  • John Louie Ramos posted 3221 days ago

    John Louie Ramos


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