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Most of my teams I follow are based on personal connections.My father was a Yankee fan originally from the Bronx and was friendly with Pinella. He also played ball with Mike Jorgenson so I guess I could have been a Mets fan instead. Thankfully that turned out well. I became pen-pals with Wayne Merrick(Islanders) at my parents suggestion as a kid when we moved to long island from queens. This was my first dealing with hockey and they thought because the Islanders were nearby, that it made sense. Boy, there have been alot of tough years since those days. I followed Chris Mullin from St.Johns to the NBA and became a Warriors fan. Manute Bol also used to come over from Bridgeport while in college to Long Island by ferry and would play ball downtown with us. Nice guy and I loved when he went to my Warriors. My aunt used to send me gifts from Pennsylvania with the Steelers logo(Penn State too and Dan Marino stuff from Pitt U)with names like Bradshaw, Lambert, and Joe Greene on them. It didn't hurt that my father was mainly a baseball fan or my teams might be slightly different. When Marino retired I kind of had no more motivation to follow Miami so I mildly follow them but wish them well, just not at my Steelers expense.Well, no one can say I follow all the same teams they do. Definitely kind of a strange group.

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