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I grew up in Chicago rooting for the Bears, Cubs, and Bulls. However, I do not harbor any ill feelings towards the White Sox and their fans. In fact, Ozzie Guillen is my favorite manager in all of baseball! Not only for his wacky antics, but also because I had a brief encounter meeting him as a child and he couldn't have been friendlier to this shy, somewhat awkward, eleven year-old autograph seeker. In 1988, my dad took me to Cincinnati for the only MLB All Star game I've been fortunate enough to attend in my lifetime thus far. Ozzie Guillen, there representing the Chicago White Sox, happened to be on the same flight back to the Windy City as my dad and I as well as the Chicago Cubs Rafael "finger-wagging" Palmiero. Needless to say, a huge thrill for me! I was instantly made into a fan for life, so you can imagine my level of disappointment with the way Palmiero's career ended. Anyway, I since have relocated to Los Angeles, but continue to support my Chicago teams.

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