joseph herzog

joseph herzog


im a huge fan of the major sports...every one know which ones those are.. you can argue all day long but at the end of the day we all know what they are.. im currently in the united states navy.. love cincinnati sports all of them.. except xavier... not to bias on most things but i am a homer..ha..

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  • joseph herzog posted 3203 days ago

    joseph herzog

    i heard a comment that made me realize that the nba will never be the same as it once was and will never compete with the ncaa for superiority. with one comment i realized that no matter how great kobe and lebron become or how many championship they win. it will never be the same. while cheryl miller was interviewing bill russell during the pre dunk competition she asked him about what dunks mr.howard may be bringing to the table. most people didnt even notice it and it wont even be mentioned when every one talks about why the nba is struggling. but with one sentence it layed it out there for me and i beleive for every one else that heard it. mr. bill russell said that the only dunking he worked on was how to dunk from the baseline and be able to keep running to get back on defense. dont know if that hits the same note with every one else as it did with me but it kind of put things in perspective on todays nba