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I was born the year the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV. I'll been a fan every since I can remember. When they had their arguably worst season ever, many jumped ship. I went and got my own season tickets, Being extremely loyal.. I have issues with "so-called fans" want to trade players (pro-bowl mind you) because it's possible to get a draft pick for them.. It's worth much more it to me for the players drafted by Kansas City, who stuck it out through the bad times and didn't leave when most players in the NFL would have.. to finish their career as a Chief rather then traded for a 3rd RD pick.. Kansas City could have had the best Tight End in history,, Tony Gonzalez played his whole career here and retire a Chief.. he would have become the next "ambassador of football" for the city.. aka George Brett is to baseball.. but they threw that away for a cornerback who never started then was traded..

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