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  • Richard Slaven posted 2020 days ago

    Richard Slaven

    My last comment on this... I don't know how many people came out in the streets in support of Joe during the protest but I'd bet more than 2/3rds of them were students. My daughter was a freshman and she went out there just to "be there". She knows very little about Joe Pa. To her, it was just "an event." Of the hundreds of thousands of people who directly or indirectly make their livelihoods from the State College community, I'll bet less than 2% were actually there that night. You just won't admit that your indictment is extreme and off-base...

  • Richard Slaven posted 2022 days ago

    Richard Slaven

    Dan, the emails implicating Joe Pa in the cover up were just brought to light within the last several days. When those throngs of people hit the streets in support of Joe Pa, they were assuming, based on information available at the time, that Joe Pa wasn't involved in any cover up. Of course, in hindsight, they were wrong. Hindsight being the operative word. I wouldn't have come out into the street in protest to support Joe even at the time but I can't crucify them based on what they knew at that time. If the emails were known back then and those people still came out to the streets to support Joe, I would agree with you. But you're using new information to vilify people who didn't have that information and that's not fair!

  • Richard Slaven posted 2024 days ago

    Richard Slaven

    Dan, your article proposing to destroy Penn State as a University is clearly some kind of attempt to get attention and stir up controversy. You know, like Howard Stern. I hope people are smart enough to ignore your silly tirade. By the looks of your photo, you appear to be fairly young... and it shows! It would be more respectful to yourself and your readers to grow up and not try to get attention by writing outrageous and sensationalized things (God knows, we've had enough of that with Sandusky). To suggest that hundreds of thousands of innocent people who derive their livelihoods either directly or indirectly from Penn State and who have worked very, very hard to make Penn State a great institution is just plain infantile and irresponsible. I agree with severely punishing all who had any knowledge of Sandusky's actions but your suggestion to annihilate the entire city of State College and destroy the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in order to "punish" those responsible is outrageous and inexcusable. Try responsible reporting and writing or do something else and leave us rational people alone!