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I was born in Burlington, Wisconsin & lived there for the first two years of my life but then I moved to Chicago, Illinois & lived there for thirteen years & then moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1990 when I graduated eighth grade in Chicago & I have lived in Phoenix since. First I want to Corona Del Sol high-school for my freshman year then I want to Mountain Point high-school in my sophomore year when it opened & I was the first graduating class of that school. I played Football, Basketball, & Wrestling in Mountain Point high-school. After I graduated from Mountain Point I want for four years to Arizona State University & I majored in Business. I own real estate throughout the USA country in Phoenix, Arizona, Chicago, Illinois, Pell Lake, Wisconsin, & Los Angeles, California. I'm a sports freak since I was a little kid & I'm still I'm. I love all Phoenix sports teams in the Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Rattlers, Phoenix Mercury & all Arizona State University sports too.

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