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I hail from small town, NH. I believe you may have seen our town in Adam Sandler's Mr. Deeds.

I have been a Patriots fan since I was able to understand football. I grew up in a football home and was raised on the Pats. Every sunday the house stopped (and continues to) for 3 hours to watch, or listen to (I grew up in the blackout range of foxboro stadium and it almost never sold out before Kraft, and we didnt always have money for tickets.), the Pats game. I attended my first Pats game at age 7. I have a vivid memory of almost every Pats game Ive ever watched, and I often recite memorys of plays and games and stats that noone around me can recall. If I havent said it yet, I LOVE the Patriots......I could spend 5 hours each day talking about them, and I would still have more to say (ask my fiance). Theres simply never enough Patriots football for me. It should also be noted that I awake early each and every sunday morning (with no alarm, just cant sleep) like a kid on christmas, eagerly anticipating the NFL sunday to come. I get breakfast and settle in for the NFL preview shows (Thank you, NFL network, for realizing I am up at 9am, waiting)
I am a VERY lucky guy tho because my Fiance and I do plan on having a Patriots wedding (I love her), but of course, it will occur in the offseason, so I dont scream NO in stead of "I do" because of a bad play in the game.

As for the Bruins, Ive been a fan ever since I was a kid playing street hockey and the neighborhood kids taught me all about the B's (My dad wasnt much of a hockey guy). It has seemed to me like I was a curse up until this year (fingers still crossed, we need to WIN a playoff series), I started watching seriously in '96 (13 years old) and thats about the time they started sinking. I try to catch every game, but I do have a son, myself now, and its impossible to watch all 82, especially when the Pats claim every sunday already (16 games, no negotiation there)

I ALWAYS watch each and every playoff game our teams are involved in, but I have never been able to stand regular season baseball....152 games is just too much. I do get excited when playoffs roll around.....playoff baseball is actually entertaining.....Its amazing its the same game. Same goes for the Celtics, really. Basketball is more entertaining, but still too many games to watch, for a team that doesnt knock anyones teeth out. Hockey I could watch every day. Same with football.

Ok Im going on and on......just message me if you need the final 15 chapters of this book.

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  • Andrew Cahill posted 3193 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    I think that Kevin O'Connell will eventually be Tom Brady's replacement. Some people disagree with me. What do you think?