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Jim Gullo

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Award-winning author and journalist Jim Gullo has written professionally for 25 years. His books include JUST LET ME PLAY, the as-told-to autobiography of golfer Charlie Sifford; FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, a comic novel about coming to terms with aging and grief; and the about-to-be-released baseball memoir, TRADING MANNY: How a Father & Son Learned to Love Baseball Again. That book was prompted by his 7-year old son Joe's questions about ballplayers and steroids when the Mitchell Report was released and Joe promptly sorted his collection of baseball cards to segregate the juicers from the clean players. The two wound up going on a two-season journey to get answers about juice and juiced-up players, and learn some lessons along the way about playing clean and fairly. As a magazine writer, Gullo has written about legendary surfer Duke Kahanamoku for Sports Illustrated; profiled Lou Piniella for Seattle Magazine; scuba-dived in Micronesia, golfed in Scotland in the guise of a P.G. Wodehouse character, and dined with sumo wrestlers in Tokyo for Islands, Aqua and Diversion magazines. He is presently at work on a young-adult novel about baseball and a follow-up to MANNY. He lives in McMinnville, Oregon and is a reluctant Mariners, TrailBlazers and Seahawks fan.

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