Eric Lutz


Hi there, my name is Eric Lutz and I am a 2009 graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Indiana, Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I am also from Indiana, Pa., and I am still currently living in Indiana. I have done some freelance sports writing/reporting for the Blairsville Dispatch in Blairsville, Pa. My favorite sports teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Penn State football and Pitt basketball because those are the teams I grew up watching. I try watching the Pittsburgh Pirates and still try to be a fan but it's hard to be a fan when they have had so many losing seasons in a row now, but hopefully things will turn around with the new manager, Clint Hurdle. Probably my second favorite baseball team is the Boston Red Sox. I love to watch sports and write about sports. That is what I am truly passionate about.

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