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  • John Rozum posted 2020 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks once again for the edits bro

  • Haddon Anderson posted 2020 days ago

    Haddon Anderson

    Thanks for the edits and feedback Ryan!

  • Tom Firme posted 2021 days ago

    Tom Firme

    Thanks a bunch for the edits, Ryan. I greatly appreciate the work you did on it.

  • John Rozum posted 2034 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks for the edits again bro

  • Samuel Mensah posted 2034 days ago

    Samuel Mensah

    Thanks for the edit.

  • Soven Bery posted 2038 days ago

    Soven Bery

    Thanks for the edits Ryan!

  • Harold Friend posted 2042 days ago

    Harold Friend

    Thank you. I appreciate the help.

  • Stephen Skinner posted 2046 days ago

    Stephen Skinner

    Ryan, thank you for the edit and the remarks. I truly appreciate it!

  • John Rozum posted 2054 days ago

    John Rozum

    thanks again for the edits bro

  • Chris Madden posted 2068 days ago

    Chris Madden

    Thanks for the edit Ryan. Paragraph length is something I pay close attention to, yet struggle to get right. Do you have any suggestions for me? It seems like when I shorten them, they are too short and the article sounds choppy. When I try and leave them longer it doesn't suit the desired writing style.