I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 6 or 7 years old. I don’t recall my first experience watching the WWF, but I do remember the premiere of Monday Night RAW vividly, as well as Yokozuna stealing the WWF Title away from Bret Hart at Wrestlemania IX. Since then, I’ve watched the WWF/E consistently, save for a year (2006-2007) when I didn’t have television. When I started watching wrestling again, the first show I watched was ECW on Sci-Fi and saw a match between Matt Striker and CM Punk. I became fascinated with Punk, buying DVDs and tapes of his old ROH and Mid South matches. Even as a kid with favorites, I never felt that kind of intense admiration for a wrestler, and Punk stands as my favorite of all time.

I watch wrestling for the athleticism and storytelling. Yes, there are hot guys in tights, but it’s more than that. When you see the talent working together to create an engagement with the audience, or when creative is trying to think outside of the box, or when you have favorites who finally get the opportunities you know they deserve, that’s when wrestling is magic. It’s not just good versus evil. It’s a combination of sports, live theater and Hollywood that’s unique.

I watch WWE Raw and Smackdown, as well as their NXT and Superstars internet shows. I also follow TNA Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor. I also go to a lot of indie shows around SoCal, including NWA Hollywood which airs a TV program every late Saturday night at 1:00A on local KDOC 56. (The guys at NWA Hollywood have been extremely gracious and supportive so I would like to bring as many eyeballs to their work as possible.)

I also run my own blog (http://dickiegreenlee.com) which is my home for more long form writing, although my site has been updated less frequently since joining Bleacher Report.

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  • Ryan L posted 2087 days ago

    Ryan  L

    Thanks for fan add man.

  • Barry Saunders posted 2088 days ago

    Barry  Saunders

    You deserved it!!!

  • Barry Saunders posted 2091 days ago

    Barry  Saunders

    I am going to mention your NXT article in my own article today. Nice work man...and hot photo of AJ...she could leg lock my butt anytime!!

  • Ryan L posted 2102 days ago

    Ryan  L

    You seem to be doing well. I think you got some potential.