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Where would I be in life without my most beloved heroin, sports.

Yes, folks. If you're on this site, it's an I-V and don't deny it.

You're as hooked as the rest of us and there is nothing that can make you happier, sadder or less of a productive member of society than the winning or losing of your favorite team.

I've lost jobs, turned down careers and relinquished relationships because of this sycophantic addiction.

Yet, probably much like you, I’ve hardly played a down because of one reason or another. Hardly made it to even being close to being close to the big time. And certainly never held a trophy bigger than my arm.

But I’m still a fiend, a fanatic and a heartfelt maniac when it comes to grown men tearing apart their bodies and souls for the ever fleeting moment of competition. I thrive on the crowd’s morbid reactions to things they simply cannot ultimately control.

I find no truth in anything else. It’s hard to get thirty to a hundred thousand to a million to a billion people to agree on hardly anything.

Except sports.

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