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It was 1992, Saints vs 49ers in SF and the Niners were down by a touchdown with little time remaining. Steve Young hit Brent Jones over the middle for the game winning touchdown to beat the Saints 21-20...

And that's when my football addiction kicked in.

For exactly 20 years now, I've been living and breathing football like some crazed lunatic with no sense or concept of reality.

I can sit here for hours and wax intellectual about the finer points of quarterback scouting and the West Coast Offense... I can also sit here for hours and yell at the T.V. until my throat bleeds.

I enjoy hockey as well... but I can't say I know too much about the hardcore fundamentals -- yet.

Baseball is enjoyable, however, I'm an Oakland A's fan so clearly the excitement levels don't reach very high heights anymore.

And then there's the NBA where my beloved Warriors are like that runt of the litter that always seems to get its head stuck in a hole somewhere.

And so here I am... in search of an outlet for all my wild and crazy ideas. In search of an audience who will share my passion and obscene fanaticism along with me.

Football, sports, mirrors life in so many ways and serves as a fantastic outlet for the recesses of the mind after a long hard day's work.

To the games, my friends and all the wonderful joy and pain that comes along with the ride...

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  • Matthew Yazo posted 1008 days ago

    Matthew Yazo

    ...I have a life. And it's a long offseason.

    What happened to your articles? ;)