Pat McAfee  For MVP

Pat McAfee For MVP


Favorite Sports Moments of All Time-
~Colts winning Super Bowl in 2007.
~Colts winning AFC Championship game in 2010 (Funny thought, they beat the Jets. How about that fall from grace?)
~Colts getting their first win of the season against Tennesee Titans on December 18th, at which point they were 0-13 (I was there.)
~Colts taking Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft
~Colts beating Green Bay in an amazing comeback
~Sweeping Denver, Seahawks, Chiefs and 49ers this year

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  • Josh Matt posted 1770 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • The one hit wonder is still around?

  • fabian caporaso posted 1952 days ago

    fabian caporaso

    I hear you man lol.

  • fabian caporaso posted 1953 days ago

    fabian caporaso

    hey dude

    started flagging watry's articles as offensive. if you want you can use the comments i wrote about the article instead of coming up with stuff, feel free to do so:

    writer constantly speaks to readers who differ from his own opinion like they are idiots, and continually berates people with different opinions for streaming wwe ppvs online, instead of purchasing them, all the while posting illegal videos of the wwe product in his articles. he also baits readers into commenting on his articles so as to get high numbers for his comments section.

    this has been going on for a while, and i will be flagging all his articles for these points every time it happens.

    i will also be passing on the message for others who feel the same to flag his articles as well

    thank you

    there you go. pass it on

  • Lita's Thong posted 2073 days ago

    Lita's Thong

    If any thong deserved an award, it'd be Lita's!